The civil engineers at OMI have specialized in geotechnical engineering and are proud of their proven record in the areas of subsurface exploration, foundation systems, slope stability, groundwater control, roads, and waterways. Any projects that relate to earth, geology, and construction can be addressed. OMI engineers can design retaining wall systems, concrete and asphalt pavements, retention and sedimentation ponds, and landfills, and assist in site selection and property acquisition.

Geotechnical engineering is a fundamental strength of OMI. Services include the following:

Subsurface Exploration

Foundation Design

Pavement Studies and Design

Sinkhole Studies

Subsidence Studies

Earth Dam Design

Retaining Wall Studies and Design

Slope Design and Failure Studies

Harbor Bulkhead Design

Geologic Studies

Landslide Studies

Landfill Studies

Groundwater Studies